IHRC works for strengthening democracy and human rights, Constitutional Rights, Legal Empowerment, Access to Justice, Human Rights particularly of Women, Minority, Disability and Child Rights and Rule of Law by strengthening institutions of justices. Our aim is to strengthen the voice of civil society for demand articulation and to mobilize and strengthen supply functions for effective, efficient and improved citizen-centered service through delivery in social and developmental sectors.

we work for the mobilization of large-scale programming resources for the improvement of justice and social services

IHRC seek to work for justice and peace by promoting sustainable development goals and implement the same through networking and cooperation between members, supporters, and partners

To promote peace, equality, fundamental rights and social justice as enunciated in the UN Human Rights Charter and other instruments of Human Rights.

Our vision is to inspire sustainable cooperation between communities to promote peace, justice, rule of law and interfaith harmony by promoting access to justice as fundamental right through institutional accountability

we are striving to create awareness of the fundamental rights as a stepping stone for promoting peace and tranquility in the society

Strengthening and implementing sustainable development through justice and peace initiatives